Taranaki Trails

Summer Trails Series: Coastal Walkway

Posted on 18 November 2022

Looking for a relaxing scenic ride, suitable for all the family? Go no further than the award winning and iconic Coastal Walkway – a 13km flat path that forms an expansive sea-edge promenade stretching from Port Taranaki to Bell Block.

The video below is part of the Summer Trails Series and gives you a taster of what to expect.

Grade: An easy ride. The walkway is paved, with some gentle slopes. It is excellent for walking, running, cycling, skateboarding, skating and scooting. Most people would be able to walk 4 – 6km/hr on the Coastal Walkway.

Access points: There are numerous access points along the Walkway with car parking available in several places. Use the Coastal Walkway map to find entrances to the walkway, available car parking and other facilities.

Mobility scooters: Electric mobility scooters are available to use free of charge from Taranaki Disabilities Centre Trust. Their use is restricted to the Coastal Walkway between Port Taranaki and Te Rewa Rewa Bridge. Bookings are essential and can be made by calling Taranaki Disability Centre Trust on 022 166 8720. You must show staff that you can drive a scooter and sign a declaration to say you’re competent. You will also need personal ID such as a Gold Card.

Design: The Coastal Walkway has been designed to suit the greater coastal landscape. The design uses robust and simple materials with strong lines and textures to stand up to, and reflect upon, the character of the west coast. The promenade is designed without an edge, to accentuate the sense of being on the edge of the sea, while the curved seawall and location of the path provide protection from the waves. The seawall is also punctured by finger piers, which are designed for people to view and enjoy the open coastline.- The walkway was designed by Richard Bain Landscape Architects and the isthmus group.